I Am An Escort Obsessed

I should know better but I cannot help it. A couple of months ago, I met this gent at London escorts, and ever since then, I have become really obsessed by him. He has this amazing personality and I just love spending time with him. Normally, I just let go of my gents at the end of a date, but for some reason, I cannot let go of this guy. Without him knowing it, I am even following him on social media. I have never followed any of my London escorts on social media before.

It is like I have become obsessed by this guy. When he comes around to see me at London escorts, it feels like I have lost the plot. I really don’t what to do with myself. Sure, like so many of the other gents I date at London escorts, he is a bit older than me, but that is not a problem for me at all. He turns me on like mad and I just want to with him. Most of the time, you can sort of say why you want to spend time with a guy, but with this guy, I just know that I would like to be with him.

Some gents have become obsessed with certain girls at London escorts, but I cannot say that I have heard girl from an elite London escorts agency who have become obsessed with one of her gents. Everything about this guy turns me on and I even like the smell of him. When he comes in through the door, I can just stand there and breathe him in if you like. It is a strange sensation, but this guy is a drug to me and I adore him.

Perhaps some people have certain scents they give off. I am not sure if I can describe how this guy smells but it is a bit like the soft feeling of cotton. When I look at him, I want to explore where that scent comes from, and he really does drive me wild with desire. My obsession started the first time I met him at London escorts and I don’t think that I am ever going to be able to get over it. I am just dying to be with this man.

Is this how stalkers feel? I had a guy stalking me once. It was scary and I have to admit that the moment I had met him at London escorts, he had seemed to become a little bit obsessed with me. Perhaps I am going to find myself stalking this guy in real life. I have to admit that I would like to follow him and see where he goes. In order not to do so, I have really had to struggle to stop myself. It is not something that I should be doing, but let us say that I have a real craving to do so. All of my instincts are telling me to follow this guy, and it feels like I have always known him.

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