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Some gents have become obsessed with certain girls at London escorts, but I cannot say that I have heard girl from an elite London escorts agency who have become obsessed with one of her gents. Everything about this guy turns me on and I even like the smell of him. When he comes in through the door, I can just stand there and breathe him in if you like. It is a strange sensation, but this guy is a drug to me and I adore him.

Perhaps some people have certain scents they give off. I am not sure if I can describe how this guy smells but it is a bit like the soft feeling of cotton. When I look at him, I want to explore where that scent comes from, and he really does drive me wild with desire. My obsession started the first time I met him at London escorts and I don’t think that I am ever going to be able to get over it. I am just dying to be with this man.

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A London Escort Girl named Liv

London is the place that I would love to live with. When I grew up I used to keep on dreaming a life living in a great place of London. It was a dream full of ambitions and happiness. It happens almost every night of my life. Having such a wonderful dream I strive so hard in life so that I could make that dream a reality. I started it with my studies that I would see to it that every learning that I gain from school will be utilized by me in looking for a job as my way of reaching my greatest dream.
I had finished my college with a highest honors and automatically hired by the company that I use to have my internship training as a junior specialist of the said company. Receiving such kind of honor and blessings were so overwhelming in me for I am almost nearer to my wildest dream, living in London. A week after my graduation rights I started going to my new kind of work and during my first day at work I was told by my senior officer that I would be assigned as junior manager in London branch. Upon hearing it loud and clear form my big boss I feel like I was dreaming but when the plane tickets and some other credentials were handed on me I just woke up from a most wonderful dream of my life. It was not a dream, it was a reality, reality that I’ll be going to London for work and I will be assigned in there for two years. So when I grasps it on my head I just can’t help my tears falling unto my face for the happiness that the big announcement caused me.
My first day in London were so fine and cool even for the first week, month, and year. Though struggles could not be avoided but then all is well there is nothing that is not getting into track. So after a year of working in London I had this feeling in me that I need to unwind sometime and I had met this amazing woman of London escorts from escorts in London her name is Liv. Liv is a very fine woman and a very class one. I get easily along with her for we had so many common interests in life. We meet half way with our likes and dislikes. There were even times that I asked her to eat in a street food for I used to eat such kind of food when I was in high school and college, she then go with me without even saying a single word and pick up foods in there and she seems that she is really use to it. She then told me that she do like eating street foods when she was young.
My stay in London is so overwhelming this is all because of the great help of Liv. Liv help me through learn the different cultures and traditionsin London that is why I get easily live in the place without ease but with so much comfort. It feels like home to me.…

How An Escort Changed My Life

“Yes Jim, yes!” Jacky moaned as I fucked her doggy style. It felt so good making a woman this happy. It was long since my cock tasted such sweet pussy. Yea, Jacky’s honeypot was one to die for. For a moment, I felt my guilt drift away, and in came pleasure- and satisfaction.

Oh, sorry, my bad, I should have told my story from the beginning. It all started when my 25 years’ marriage came crumbling down. My wife, Elisa, would come up with all sorts of excuses every time I asked for sex. One time she wasn’t in the right moods while other times we were too old. Slowly, I was dying inside and I did not know what to do. As a man, you know how hard it is to share your marriage experiences with other people. However, one day I decided to break the monotony by sharing my story with my close friend, Alan. It happens that Alan also had a similar experience and usually hires an escort to quench his sexual thirst. So, he recommended a credible escort agency.

I looked up the website https://charlotteaction.org the moment I left the bar. There were tons of hot sexy girls, making it difficult to decide. After a careful selection, I settled for a hot blonde; her name was Jacky. Jacky and I agreed on the terms of our relationship and we chose a hotel where we would hook up the next day. In the morning, I called work and asked for a sick off. In my defense, my dick was sick of staying in my pants. It surely needed treatment with hot sex.

I was in the hotel room by 9 am. Along the way, I could not help but fantasize of how my day would be like. Jacky arrived thirty minutes later. Honestly, she exceeded my expectations. She had her curves located in the right places and had these sexy eyes that I couldn’t resist. I did not want to waste time, so we started immediately.

Jacky pulled my pants down and got to work. “Suck it babe! Suck it!” I found myself commanding this sex goddess. Her wet mouth took me back to me young days, where sex was all I wanted. She gave me a satisfying blow job; where she would even put my dick deep in her throat.

Next, Jacky pulled her thong aside, revealing her wet tantalizing pussy. The busy blonde spread her legs wide, making my cock hard and tall. So, I took up the challenge and stuck my monster dick in her evidently hungry pussy. Jacky was surely surprised due to the heavy duty pleasure I gave her. She moaned for long and gave me a pussy clench as she climaxed. We took lunch and continued for the better part of the day.

Two years later, I still hire Jacky and other escorts from the agency. Surprisingly, my marriage is better nowadays, probably because I am not grumpy as before. Now that I have someone making me happy on the outside, I can concentrate on pleasing my wife in other ways besides sex- since she doesn’t like it.…